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Prepare your home and property for wildfire season

It’s mid-June and on cue, we’re hearing the first warnings of fire danger. As predictable as hail in May and snow in April, June marks the start of fire season in Colorado. Folks living in the grassy foothills and wooded mountain areas are most vulnerable. Are you fire ready? There are simple, easy things you can do now to improve the odds of your home not succumbing to embers thrown by a wildfire.


How to prepare your property and home for wildfire season

Prepping your home for fire safety as we head into the hot, dry weeks of summer can make all the difference. Follow this advice from fire mitigation experts:








Tree mortality can turn a former forested area into an open area filled with grass and new-growth brush. Abundant grass acts as a wildfire ignition hazard once the grass dries out and turns brown. Fire spreads rapidly through grass, especially uphill and in windy conditions. If you’re wondering about the potential threat of grass on or near your property, schedule a hazard assessment and learn what can be done to mitigate the threat to your property.


Create a “fire wise” home

The fire wise home features the 3-5 foot perimeter of cleared space around the home—and around every building on your property. Clear away little things that trap grass, leaves and twigs against the side of your house, garage or shed. Extend the clean-up several feet away from each building. If you were to be in a fire situation, the cleared areas allow firefighters to get in and act quickly. Even if firefighters are not on the scene, a home hardened against the risk of fire is much more likely to survive intact.


The little things matter

Studies in fire mitigation by US Forest Service Fire Scientists are proving that wildfire is not a tsunami-like force laying waste to everything in its path. You have some control over what happens to your property in the event of a fire. The little things make all the difference. Most of the time, embers and firebrands are the culprit. Embers are those tiny pieces of burning combustibles carried in the air. Firebrands are larger pieces of burning material. Both can ignite debris on or around your buildings. By clearing away the debris, you create a noncombustible perimeter around your home. Stay diligent. Keep that space clear well into the fall when temperatures drop and moisture returns.


Check your fire insurance coverage

Lastly, be sure your home and property are protected in the event of a fire. I’m happy to review your policy, or talk with you about adding fire protection, including seasonal property insurance. Give us a call.

Start at the top of your home and work your way down, clearing all leaves, twigs  and other debris from the roof, gutters, gables, eaves, windows, doors and siding.

Extend the clean-up out five feet from the house.

Clear your property of grasses that grow after the spring rains along driveways, roads and downed trees.

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